professional voice lessons in Berlin

my teaching philosophy

When you learned how to use your voice correctly you will be able to sing in many different musical genres. That means first of all to build a solid technique.


My priority is to find the best in every voice. Every voice is as individual as the person that owns it.

From the old Italian technique to functional voice training I try to find the right method for every student to find the voice and build it. 


Nowadays singers are often confronted with singing in different styles. 


I find that actually combining the classical and modern vocal technique gives the student so many more possibilities to build a strong and solid instrument and to express yourself in many different ways. I teach a neutral technique to every student. Later you can decide for yourself if you prefer the operatic voice, or Musical Theatre, or both. It will definitely open you ways to more colours, dynamics and emotions. 


Let´s find your very own instrument together. What way does your voice wanna go?

With my technique I teach classical singing, as well as Musical and Jazz.




If you want to make music your profession, feel free to ask me. I will help you making the right choice regarding your studies. The preparation for studies is very important to me, because we can work a lot harder with such a goal. I have good contacts to other teachers, universities, singers, actors and dancers, so that I can recommend you further teachers anytime. 



If you want to do an audition for a university, a job or a competition I will prepare you very well. 


I will provide regular concerts, cause also that is important for practise. 



The room that we sing in is just as much part of our instrument.

Thats why I constantly try to find new places for coachings and concerts. 


Just contact me here for a trial lesson.